Ceiling Rose Wiring diagrams

Before you start – Safety

NEVER attempt to work on an electrical installation until you are POSITIVE the electrical supply has been isolated:

Before we isolate the power, you may want to check you have shut down any computers and if the washing machine is in mid-cycle you may want to wait until it has finished:)

Isolating the supply

  1. Turn off the main switch on your consumer unit (fuse box).
  2. Remove the appropriate circuit breaker/fuse for the lighting circuit (put this in your pocket so there is no way ‘others’ can make the circuit live whilst you are working).

You should now be safe to work on the ceiling rose. BUT HOLD ON THERE – I strongly recommend you don’t take this for granted and phisically test to ensure there is no power at the ceiling rose!!

Final safety check

  1. Carefully remove the ceiling rose cover buy unscrewing it in an anti-clockwise direction to expose the cables within – DON’T TOUCH THE TERMINALS
  2. Using your voltage tester or multi-meter (set to AC volts) test for a voltage accross the live and neautral terminals of the ceiling rose as shown below.
Testing the ceiling rose is correctly isolated

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